DIDSOLIT Project | Objectives

DIDSOLIT-PB Objectives

The overall objective of the DIDSOLIT project is to promote and implement innovative technologies and transfer knowhow in the field of decentralised, small scale, solar energy systems that may be integrated in public buildings/premises. All this to be achieved through crossborder publicprivate partnership and cooperation among entities from Spain, Greece, Egypt, and Jordan (with special attention to SMEs).

The specific objectives can be summarized as:


  • To substantially increase the knowledge on the potential, stateofdevelopment, and environment sustainability contribution of the abovementioned solarenergy technologies, for decentralised, small scale applications in buildings/facilities –regarding the regions and countries included in the project.

  • To develop an updated assessment of these technologies for inpublicbuildings applications: technologies/options’ mapping and trends; comparative social costbenefit when applied to the target countries/regions’ climate conditions.

  • To promote, undertake, and encourage in the partners’ target regions the implementation of a given number of solarenergy decentralised systems –specific applications integrated in public buildings/premises.

  • To design financial viability conditions for the deployment of such solar systems, including the design of dedicated financing instruments for Mediterranean Partners’ Countries, which design may be also applicable to make recommendations to revitalise the funding an economic promotion programmes in force at present in the EU Partners Countries.

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