PTT #4 at Marsa Matrouh & Alexandria, March 2014


4th Project Technical Team Meeting at Marsa Matrouh & Alexandria, Egypt

4th-6th March, 2014


The 4th Project Technical Team Meeting was held from the 4th to the 6th of March in Marsa Matrouh and Alexandria, Egypt, hosted by EAEE and the University of Alexandria. Thirteen Technical Experts and Technical Assistants and two Local Managers were actively involved in the three-day meeting.


It was very important to share and discuss the technical advances on BIPV, DS, PT-SCH conceptual projects and costs' estimation (WP4), together with the building pre-selection list (WP5).

Marsa Matrouh and Alexandria involve 14 of the 30 pre-selected buildings of the project and approximately 5 of the 10 final ones to be selected. For that reason the review of the candidate buildings by the Technical Team members was very productive and contributed to the project’s decision making.


The technical team travelled to Marsa Matrouh city to visit five of the buildings pre-selected by EAEE: the regional governor’s site, where the team was given an official welcome; a couple of hospitals; a new library; and, a primary school.


The second part of the meeting was held in Alexandria, which included a visit to five buildings pre-selected by AU, most of them located in the university facilities.

The Technical Team spent the rest of the meeting evaluating the different building proposals, the choice of technologies, as well as, the feasibility of the implementation budget.

Other important topics addressed during the meeting were the timeline for the "Implementation of the selected systems (W6)", the promotion of the “Enterprises Consortium” and the "Procedures for Procurement” in each country.

The meeting was extremely useful in that it enabled the consortium members to detect some of the main threats in terms of the building selection and system implementation in each region and laid the basis for the next Project Management Board (PMB), to be held at the end of April in Barcelona. At this upcoming PMB, the selection of final building and list of system applications will be presented by the Technical Team for the PMB’s validation.







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