DIDSOLIT Project | Work Plan

Work Package 7: Promotion of other Selected Application - Projects



All activities carried out within the frames of this work package focus on the promotion of the other selected applications. A conceptual design & economic forecast for the rest of the pre?selected buildings/facilities is prepared. For each country a financial viability report regarding the aforementioned pre?planned applications and an overall design of financing mechanisms is elaborated. The local stakeholders in each region are offered, through open conferences, the above pre?planned solar?energy applications, so as to motivate and promote their interest in undertaking them. Finally, recommendations for governments, on policies, regulatory framework and procedures, and dedicated financing mechanisms, regarding in?buildings solar?energy applications are elaborated.

Expected Results

  • Promotion of a given number of small scale decentralised pilot applications of innovative solar?energy systems in discrete public buildings placed in the target regions

  • Cross?borderís transfer of technologies, know?how and best practices on the above solar applications

  • To facilitate the adoption of best practices by stakeholders regarding the development of solar?related decentralised systems, as a relevant source of energy consumption / generation in the participant countries

  • To facilitate the implementation of public policies to promote solar?energy useís deployment, as well as the effectiveness improvement of the existing ones.

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